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worldwide the league was born 06 years ago today. and now you know the news. bill: the owe rhymely factor is on. tonight. >> every conservative association dealt with this because it was raised asen issue and said there is nothing to it. it's just a few cranks out there. >> with president obama's poll numbers collapsing why are some conservative republicans hurting themselves with nonsense. we'll have a special report. >> i have never had sex with a student. i have never touched him. >> a young teacher in kentucky charged with sexually abusing a student she says it's absolutely false. >> it's been a nightmare. she will be here. ♪ why do birds suddenly appear ♪ ♪ you got to fight ♪ for your right ♪ to party ♪ bill: what is the truth about amsterdam, holland. is it sodom and gomorrah or
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disney world east? ♪ it's a small, small world. bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. why do conservative republicans continue to hurt themselves? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first of all, we believe the two vibrant political parties are necessary for a strong america. competition always leads to good ideas. when one party dominates, you tend to see arrogance and foolish policies creep in and that may already be happening to the obama administration. according to real clear politics, president obama's job approval rating is falling faster than any modern president except for bill clinton. since his inauguration the president has lost 16 points in about six months. now, that should bolster
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republicans. especially conservatives who don't like the president's policies. many are acting foolishly, instead of concentrating on better ideas. they are frenzied over the president's birth certificate. that kind of dumb stuff. as we discussed last week mr. obama loves that because it makes his opposition look irrational. why would he ever release his birth certificate when those demanding it look unhinged? some conservatives also personally attacked judge sotomayor. that wasn't smart. you can disagree with the woman. but to malign her character maligns the vital hispanic voting block. talk radio has angered centrist republicans like john mccain, colin powell, even michael steele, the head of the g.o.p. the obama administration has attempted to brand the entire republican party as extremists and points to the hot rhetoric on talk radio to make its case. the truth is that president obama's belief system is so far away from the conservative
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traditional point of view the two will never agree. however, everything the president says and does is not wrong, stupid, or unamerican. if the republican party wants to regain power, it must come up with better programs than the democrats do. it's that simple. ideological rhetoric doesn't persuade voters. it's preaching to the choir. finally, the far-left lost all credibility when elements of it, like rosie o'donnell began saying america attack itself on 9/11. how vial was that? the if a that theism michael moore, janine garofalo, sean penn among others hurt the liberal movement. the same holds true for the far right. and the obama people understand that. every crazy theory like the birth certificate deal actually helps the president by marginalizing his most bitter opponents. the g.o.p. needs a reuniter, not a divider. where have i heard that before? that is the memo. now for the top story tonight, response to it joining from us class as i understand date indicated radio host michael garr. and from florida editor and
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chief of news a conservative news site. chris, i will begin with you. am i making any mistakes here? >> well, i think you are, bill. i think there is some legitimate issues involving the birth certificate i think there is a fringe group saying obama wasn't born in the united states. there is no evidence of that. there is a lot of evidence he was born -- but the one thing that's really important that's being sort of covered up here is that he has yet to release his actual birth certificate. what the state of hawaii has released, what obama during the campaign released was his certificate of live birth. we do not know, as of this date, where in the state of hawaii president obama was born. he is one of the few presidents that we don't know. i think it's a larger issue. bill: in or around honolulu based on the two newspapers that ran -- >> see, the king of cable news doesn't even know where. bill: i don't care. chris, if i wanted to know i would find out tomorrow.
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i don't care. wait, wait, wait. >> if you walk down -- bill: hold it two newspapers the advertiser. the same week he was born. you cannot have that conspiracy level. >> i have no doubt, bill, weighs born in hawaii. i have no question about it i'm just saying release the birth certificate. bill: he is using that issue, all right? to paint the g.o.p., mike, as a bunch of kooks who don't have any ideas in their heads running around like the 9/11 truthers. wife we release his birth certificate when he has that kind of a hammer going after the g.o.p.? wait, chris. let mike finish his thought. >> at the end of the day, bill, you have got to remember how the left went apoplectic over some national guard memos. rather that dan rather? remember cbs what they went through? this is a request to say where is the official birth certificate. now, if chris rudy, a guy i respect very much suspects that
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obama was born in hawaii case closed. bill: drop it. >> right. move on. to brand people as crazy extremists birthers simply because they are asking for a birth certificate? i mean, again, nobody seen him call anybody crazy when they were creaming about george bush's. >> bill: go ahead, chris. >> bill, the larger issue here mccain, questions about mccain. weights born in the panama canal zone. he immediately released his birth certificate. i think he should release it. bill: maybe he should, chris. look, the republican party has an opportunity now, the first opportunity they have had in quite some time. the president's approval numbers are cratering because of health care and the deficit and the economy. all right? they are going like this. now, the republican party can't exploit that for its benefit. because it's tied up in nonsense. it's tied up in stuff that doesn't matter. what matters to the voter is not the birth certificate. it's what their health care is going to be and is the country
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going bankrupt? >> there is plenty there. bill: mike, let chris reply. that's what matters to the voters. >> bill, who in the republican party is pushing the issue of a birth certificate? it's a fringe issue, granted. he has never released his college records. he has never released his medical records. bill: nobody cares, chris. the only people who care is obama haters. >> they need to care. look, if it's a republican, they care. the media cares. they want full disclosure. he said he was going to be the host transparent president ever. he has yet to live up to that. that promise. bill: you are missing my point entirely. it doesn't matter to the voters whether he releases his college transcripts or not. they don't care. they want the healthcare system fixed. they want the economy fixed. and they don't want to get hosed. and the republican party doesn't come up with anything to give them confidence when they could.
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>> but the republican party is addressing that right now, bill. that's why we are fighting back against health care. that's why we are fighting back against the massive spending and this out-of-control socialist streak that obama and the democrats are bringing to the table. we are fighting back. bill: who is we? >> i'm a republican. i'm a republican. bill: you and who else? >> the republican party. michael steele. bill: who is in charge? who? >> something is having -- >> birthing process. excuse me. this is a birthing process. after we got clobbered in november, the republican party needs to rebirth. and you know what? like my wife reminded me many times, the mother of four boys, birth is painful. it's painful. bill: if you rebirth the republican party, you're going to have to produce a birth certificate. and i don't think they can. >> i think the republican party. >> long form. >> the republican party, considering what george bush left, which was a bit of a disaster, i think the republican party is doing pretty well right now against obama with huge majorities in the senate now. bill: gentlemen, thanks very much. go ahead, chris, wrap it up.
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>> well, i think that the birth issue is a side issue but it's something that is symbolic. i like full disclosure from our president. i don't care if is he a republican or a democrat. bill: thanks very much. directly ahead juan and mary katharine whether president obama will break his pledge to working americans. culture warrior also take us to amsterdam, holland. some say it's the most permissive city in the world. others say it's disney world east. coming right back. ú
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bill: you may remember this sound bite from barack obama campaigning for president. >> if you make less than a quarter million dollars a year you will not see a single dime of your taxes go up. if you make $200,000 a year or less, your taxes will go down. bill: but thats with then. this is now. yesterday, two of mr. obama's
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economic advisors larry summers and tim geithner both said taxes on working measures may have to be raised. >> we are not at the point yet where we have to make a judgment. >> you can't rule it out? >> i think what the country needs to do is understand we're going to have to do what it takes. we're going to do what's necessary. bill: that will not help the president's job approval rating which we discussed in the first segment. mr. obama issued a statement that saying raising taxes on the middle class would not be wise. he reafilterred his commitment not to do it. obviously his advisors are sending opposite signals. joining russ mary katharine ham and juan imus with. you heard our first discussion, do you want to weigh in on that at all? >> die. it strikes me as the republican party there as represented by mike and chris, it's like watching an emaciated elephant flailing around in the grass. no sense of direction. lost on the birth certificate issue? it's like confederates in the attic, bill. they don't want to acknowledge
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it's other. he is the president. they have got to acknowledge he is the president and not get lost on personal issues that, in fact, do nothing but turn off the middle ground in terms of the american public and lessen the potential for republicans to gain seats in the 2010 cycle. and you mentioned in your talking points memo, you know, the nominees sonia sotomayor. what are they doing? those guys even get to it but calling her racist and maligning her? what does that do? not only again to the middle ground voters but the hispanic voters so important to the future of the republican party, i think they are self-defeating they won't even acknowledge it to you. they won't even say bill, you are right. bill: all right, mary katharine, what do you say? >> i think he is the president. i think he was born in hawaii. it's politically unhelpful to deal with this issue. the only point folks have there is a doubling standard i think a republican would be called to a different standard on their. i would also argue that i don't think it's a mainstream republican issue. you saw jim demint coming out against these folks. you see most of the political blogs on the right arguing
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against this idea. and i think that on the -- largely the right is better at policing these things. the left nurtured 9/11 theories and the idea that bush was not legitimately president for eight years. so, i think it's -- their excitement about this is a little disingenuous. i think when a party is out of power you are going to see two things. really partship. new organizing and people really excited about activism. that's where the republican party needs to focus. see it on tea parties and see it august recess health care meeting. the left is trying to paint those as expirs theories. bill: i agreement the republican party has to think about a better alternative. now, mary katharine, obviously summers and geithner went off the reservation saying that hey, you know, we may have to raise these taxes. we don't have any money and then obama today quickly counter acted that. what do you say? >> well, i mean, he is in a corner here.
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people are very upset about deficits. you will hear more of that over august recess. he wants to close the gap. he also wants to spend a lot of money. so surprise, surprise. a liberal democrat want to raise your taxes and spend a lot of money. the a.p. reports today that the estimates for tax revenue is going to go down 18%. which is the biggest drop since the 30's, i believe. so this is just a fundamental problem with what he wants to do and the amount of money he has to fund it especially with the economy still flailing. bill: absolutely. >> and conservatives knew this during the campaign and no one bothered to point it out. bill: they didn't know tax revenue falling 18% while the government is quad dupre bring spending. obama painted himself into a corner. he can't raise the tasks on it he just a can't. that will be the end of him if he does it do you agree? >> highly problematic. that's why there is an interesting split in the administration. have you larry summers and tim geithner the treasure riff secretary who normry are at
8:16 pm
odds. they have interesting sort of contentious relationship. they agree you have got to reserve the option of potentially raising taxes on people. bill: it's a read my lips moment. >> i agree. here is the other side of this split in the white house political people. david axelrod, rahm emanuel and the president himself who understand your point that if you go back on this pledge. bill: done. >> it will be used to beat you in the head. bill: that's it. he is saying he is not going to do it. bill: go ahead, mary katharine, go ahead. >> but obama already hedged on this and signalled where is he going. very good about talking about things. bill: he didn't hedge today. >> but he hedged on health care where he said he wanted to support something that didn't include a substantial tax hike on the middle class. bill: health care is very complicated. >> are you sure? >> yeah. here is the difference. raising taxes on people in below 200,000 a year is very simple. you either do it or you don't. if you do it, you lied. there is no subtext.
8:17 pm
there is no this. there is no that. it's a read my lips george bush senior moment. ok? no new taxes thing. >> to pay for his health care plan includes a not substantial, if that's the standard, then i think he has violated that pledge. >> this is wonky stuff. hate to break this to you you are a lovely woman. you are a wonk. that's wonky. most of the people don't know that they know the other thing. juan, last word? >> he put it out there. >> let me just say people understand you have to do something about the economy. americans, even though they might be displeased with what's going on in the talks about the health care thing. understand healthcare system is broken. something needs to be done. don't immediately bash obama. bill: i'm confused but that's all right. i'm always confused. directly ahead a young teacher charged with molesting a 16-year-old student. she said it never happened. her life is being ruined. she will be here. and then, you will not believe what is happening at the university of oregon. >> you know, you know, a
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university that respects diversity, values diversity of opinion and that's not what the university of oregon is doing right now. bill: that's the leader of the university. we will show that you ambush right back. (male announcer) if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery, other heart attack could be rking, waiting to strike. a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix, taken with other heart medicines goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots. ask your doctor about plavix, protection that helps save lives. (female announcer) if you have stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding, you should not use plavix. when taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin, the risk of bleeding may increase so tell your doctor
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bill: police in covington kentucky have charged 26-year-old howell who teaches english at dayton high school with having sex with a student. she says it never happened that her life is on the verge of being ruined and she wants to tell her story so we are going to let her. joining us from cincinnati, ohio is nicole howell and her attorney eric deeters. so, you knew this football player, the 16-year-old and he was in one of your classes and you texted him? is that what the initial problem, is that when it began? >> he was actually not a student of mine. he was a junior and my students that i taught were freshman and sophomore. and he actually took my phone while it was unattended and then sent me a text message. i didn't know who it was. bill: was it lured text message? offensive in any way. >> no. it just said hi, how are you? i said who is this?
8:22 pm
and he said "you have to guess." i said i'm not going to. i'm in the middle of grading papers. and then he said request well, you know, obviously he said his name. i was like oh, ok. how are you? how is it going? every text message that was between him and i was platonic. bill: how many text messages were there? >> i would say maybe a handful. nothing like serious conversations going back and forth. just a hi hi, how are you? you know, are you staying out of trouble? you know, that sort of thing. bill: you text other students as well? is that something that happens? >> yeah. in fact, i found that it was very good way to communicate with the students. bring myself down to their level so that, you know, i'm not that i was trying to befriend them in any way because i know that i was still, you know, their teach her, but it was very hard to connect with some of those students and i found that sending them a text message or them being able to send one to me was a good way to be able to break the ice and let them feel
8:23 pm
safe to talk. bill: when did you learn that there was an allegation against you of a sexual nature? when did you learn that. >> i learned that on december 15th when my principal came to my classroom and walked me out of the building and i was suspended right there. bill: did you know what the accusation was and who it came from? >> my superintendent met with me and said that you know, the student had come forward and said that the allegations, you know, he had made the allegations that it was, in fact, true. that i had had sex with him. and that's when they said they needed to turn the matter over to the police. >> bill, he made the allegation and then he denied the allegation when he found out he was going to get expelled he remade the allegation. so he etracted it. bill: anybody can make an allegation against anybody and you usually don't get an indictment unless there is backup evidence, counselor. what was the backup evidence? >> the backup evidence was merely and we haven't got the grand jury tapes yet.
8:24 pm
but the backup evidence was merely this boy's word who had made this statement, retracted it and remade it that is the only evidence that they have against this young lady, bill. bill: grand jury, why would they indict off that? >> well, an indictment, as you know, bill, from a grand jury is a prosecutor's there, there is no defense attorney. bill: i understand that but usually grand juries require more than that all right. so it's in play. you are arrested. you are charged. the prosecutor says going forward. a judge then says you try to get it thrown out. as any good turn would, mr. deeters. but the judge says no, we're going to go ahead. that just gives me pause. if it's just one kid saying this and there is no back up at all. this opens up a huge lawsuit potential for miss howl if this thing falls apart. >> an absolutely. this is very important. the allegations were that she bought alcohol. never happened. the allegation is he was in her house or apartment, had sex four
8:25 pm
times. never happened. the allegation is that she did all of these things, phone calls. the phone records prove that they never had any phone contact. bill: just very, very strange. if what you are saying is true, both of you, i mean, nicole, i know your life must just be hell right now in that community and all of that. >> yeah. bill: everybody watching knows what you are going through. if you are innocent of this, and you are found, i mean, you could come back for all kinds of things. you would think that the prosecution would cover itself. i will give you the last word, miss howl. i'm sorry you have to go through. this i hope it's not true. say what you want. >> i just want everyone to know that the reason i'm coming out finally and saying something is because i have an attorney who has given me the free reign to defend myself as i should have from the very beginning. unfortunately, i wasn't able to do that until now. but i definitely want people to know that i'm completely innocent of this and they will see the truth. >> bill, they gave herr -- she
8:26 pm
offered to take a lie detector's test and they refused it. bill: ok. keep us posted mr. deeters on this and we'll keep the audience across america. >> thank you. bill: remember you are in this country innocent until proved guilty. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. there is something very wrong at the university of oregon where liberal professors are running wild. >> you are a campus leader, sir. your voice should be heard. >> thank you. no comment. >> sir, no comment? bill: then amsterdam, holland considered by some to be the wildest city on earth. the culture warriors have been looking at that and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. quality and reliability...
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for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. bill: factor investigation segment tonight. appalling situation at the university of oregon. factor has learned that the taxpayer university is overwhelmed by liberal democrats. according to voter registration forms. out of 186 professors of political science, law, economics, journalism or socialology. 115 are democrats. ready? 8 are republicans. 8 out of 186. that kind of political tilt should be unacceptable to a state run university. so, we sent factor producer dan bank to speak to the university of oregon provost james bean. >> do you feel this is a fair educational system paid for by the taxpayers? >> i don't know that that's true. >> well, we went throughout records and we found that's true. you have a responsibility to the taxpayers to answer these questions.
8:30 pm
you know, you know, a university that respects diversity values diversity of opinion and that's not what the university of oregon is doing right now. and you are a campus leader, sir. your voice should be heard. >> thank you. no comment. >> sir, no comment? bill: obviously not. joining us from san francisco, radio talk show host thom hartman. crisis of western culture and from portland, oregon radio talk show host. no doubt it's happening at the university of oregon. and you know, the provost onen objectsously doesn't know he says he doesn't know. i can't believe he doesn't know it how could coo coo -- how could this happen? >> i think it could happen because there is a bias in favor of liberal points of view that are run by government. these are government-run institutions. that's one reason. awful lot of those who know how to do things go out to the private sector and do things rather than staying in liberal
8:31 pm
institutions like universities and teaching about them only. bill: outside of the county where you are, oregon is a fairly traditional state. and to have just 8 republicans out of 186, i mean, that's indoctrination, lars. the taxpayers should be outraged about it. they are funding the school. >> they should be. there is a reason why they call it the people's republic politic of lane county. it's a very liberal community. even in the outlying areas, an awful lot of outlying communities in reporting live oregon and reportingrural ameri- reporting on government biggest institutions are schools and hospitals and government agencies. there is a bias in favor of that. bill: what say you mr. hartman? >> well, first of all, when young people are asked, you know, of college age, what kind of professions they are thinking of and looking at, education is often very high for liberals, is often very high for conservatives. i'm guessing there is a
8:32 pm
self-selection process here. we see this at most universities. bill: not like this. that's a publish job. >> probably close. that's a publish job out there. teaching at the university of oregon is a job that i think many academies would like to have. it looks to me, it can't be random. it can't be. it's just too tilted. it's got to be we want -- look, i went to the kennedy school at harvard. when i was there, it was fairly balanced. now it's not. ok? and it was an ache trif -- active recruitment of the left up there at that school. it's got to be going on at the university of oregon. it's got to be. >> bill, here is the thing. universities talk a lot about diversity. what they mean there is skin color or where you came from or who you sleep with. what they should be concerned about, because they are marketplaces of ideas, where new ideas are generated and written about, they should be interested in intellectual. bill: they should be but they are not. this is a scandal.
8:33 pm
thom, you live in portland, oregon too even though you work in san francisco. this is a scandal. this isn't fair to any college student going to the university of oregon. i mean, it's just not fair. >> so i'm hearing republicans asking for affirmative action? i'm i'm hearing i want the best qualified candidates. if this is the case. then you are saying that republican professors are stupid and the democrats are smarter. that he was insane. that's not true. >> no, i'm actually -- at a certain level, i'm agreeing with lars. i'm saying that people who are progressive or liberal tend to really like the idea of becoming college professors and people who are conservative are become more interested in business. >> now, you can't say that this -- that republican professors wouldn't like this job. it's just not true. it's just not true. this is a publish plumb job. >> republican professors, bill. a study published in political
8:34 pm
science just a few months ago that says at ucla that found over a four year period from 1999 to 2003. they looked at the political affiliation of students during that four year period of time that were going to classes that were mostly taught by liberal professors and the political affiliation didn't change much. it didn't change. bill: in the country there interest twice as many conservatives than there are liberal. that's what it is. i think it breaks down in academia the same way. it's just that they are being shut out at the university of oregon. >> they are. dr. john lott. economics professor, very strong on guns and very strong conservative point of view can't find an academic home where he has had a tough time doing it because academic institutions don't want him there because they don't like his point of view. >> all right. gentlemen. thanks very much. reappreciate it when we come right back, culture warriors city of holland. is it most controversial place on earth or just misunderstood.
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for only $199.99 bill: thanks for staying with us. you may remember we reported on amsterdam, holland last december. the reason we did that some americans, secular progressives want to turn the u.s.a. into a culture like western europe. that's what driving the drug legalization deal, gay marriage. the picture we painted of amsterdam was a permissive city. of course the left doesn't see it that way. >> in netherlands perhaps the most liberal european country it is now shutting down pot shops and legalized brothels legalized crime is controlling both over there. >> it hasn't worked in holland. they had wonderfully naive ideas how to teach their children to
8:38 pm
have safe sex and smoke grass. ♪ bill: all right. so now what they don't tell new that propaganda video which is very cute, is that the mayor of amsterdam just initiated a sweeping crackdown on rampant organized crime. a city official saying, quote, get that quote up there because the teleprompter just went down on me. get the quote up there. there we go: bill: all right. so, the culture warriors have been checking all this ow here now is gretchen carlson and
8:39 pm
margaret hoover. the reason we are even bothering with amsterdam, holland, you have both been there and so i have. is because many far left secular progressive people loo woo love to have that kind of culture in l.a. and indeed san francisco is approaching that you say what, hoover? >> i say, first of all, on the point of me saying about this being naive. what's naive is thea they didn't anticipate all the international organized crime would come to netherlands. bill: you didn't see that in that propaganda video. >> they cut that out. i want to be very clear. neither lands has less of a drug problem for their citizens than they do a crime problem. it's crime-related to their permissiveness and lack of enforcement around drugs. bill: maybe, maybe not. the way they do the stats is different here. what do you say, carlson. >> i say i don't know if you can blame all of their crime problems on the fact that they have legal lidz prostitution and legalized drugs. i know you are going to be shocked at my opinion on this. did i go and look at the travel
8:40 pm
guides for other european cities. they are similar to what the travel guides say about amsterdam. pick pocketing is the number one thing. bill: isn't nailed down somebody is going to try to steal in in amsterdam. because amsterdam is so liberal with drugs and go into the canal zone where the ladies are in the windows. they have say they do that for health reasons and they can tax and all of that the same stuff that they say out in nevada and other places in the united states. but, every -- let me choose my word carefully here. every questionable person in europe heads to amsterdam because it's all there in two square mile deal. and their friends are there. it's a disney world for those people. >> you said organized crime controls vice the world over. >> that's what the mayor said. >> the mayor had to close down rodder dam earlier this year had to close down half of the city's coffee shops, especially those within 200 yards of schools. bill: of schools.
8:41 pm
>> why? because ordinary citizens getting caught in the crossfire of the thugs who have come to their country. bill: so you are agreeing with me. >> i'm agreeing with you so not so much that they have a drug problem but that they have a crime problem that's related to drug enforcement. bill: why have so many people in the u.s.a. where marijuana is illegal tried it 40% of people in the u.s.a. compared to 22.6% in the netherlands. bill: statistics in the netherlands is different it's a much smaller country and much smaller base to do the stats on. i don't even care what happens in netherlands. what i'm saying to everybody is, this is coming here to the united states. it's coming. this is what they want. the secular progressives. this is a terrible story. in oklahoma, it seems that two women have been arrested, throw their mug shots up there, please please. for running a ring of teenage boys. there they are. they get teenage boys, give them drugs and alcohol. the teenage boys, i guess, have sex with other people.
8:42 pm
here is what the prosecutors said about it. roll the tape. >> to me, it's the same thing as prostitution. it was a big sex ring going thereon and these kids knew that, hey, we can go and have sex, we can get drugs and drink and smoke there without our parents even knowing. bill: there you go. so, you know, we have to report these almost every night now. >> right. >> you would think in small town oklahoma where it this happened it would still be immune to big city problems. these boys are victims. they were having sex allegedly with those two women who were drugging them up and letting them drink to their heart's content. their parents didn't know about. this when the police looked into this they thought it was one woman and one young boy it turns out at least 10 boys in a small town. in the small town that's almost the entire community. they are tarnished for life with something like this. bill: 14-year-old boy and his father went to the police station to turn this in. what do you say. >> a lot of people out there say look, a 14-year-old has the physical ability to have sex
8:43 pm
can't be considered the same as abuse. i would disagree. probably going to be a double standard against these ladies than any man held as a predator. these guys are victims. drugged up, manipulated not just because it wasn't forced doesn't mean it was by choice. bill: why is this happening in so much -- look, we have always had a problem in this country with abusing children. always. and but now we're getting a whole different profile. these are women. ok? exploiting boys. that was very unusual. now it's becoming more and more common. >> maybe we didn't hear about it because we didn't give credit. bill: i'm going back to the internet. i'm telling you, the internet has opened these crazy doors and the nutty people now feel that they can act on all this stuff whereas it used to be they hid in the basement. >> they don't know they met on the internet. no but the internet makes it easier to do this kind of outrageous stuff in the middle of oklahoma. >> i'm going to go back to parenting. maybe the internet makes it
8:44 pm
harder to be a good parent, too. but i think, you know, the parents of these kids got to be active in the lives. the parent who took his son to the police station did the right thing. bill: the parents can't prevent this type of activity. they can't follow their kids around all the time. gretchen: you know what might stop it, bill or lead to trying to stop it is if they penalize these women like they would men. my fear as margaret has stated they may get off less than a man would. >> they are out on bail. if they were men, they would not be out. they would be locked up. out there predatorring on other. bill: three or four each of them conviction. probably plea it down. i'm telling you what happens is. we tied it in with amsterdam. if you see all this stuff constantly it, main streams. it becomes mainstream. it's not shocking anymore. and it used to be that this stuff was hidden but now it's on the internet. it's on the internet. >> the police officer in this town said this is the weirdest most bizarre case he has worked on 18 years. bill: i'm reporting on stuff
8:45 pm
almost every night now. >> as a parent, would you still not think that this was bizarre for a teenager to be involved in something like this? yes, you would. bill: i'm thinking that there are so many predators now. there are 10 times as many predators than when i was a kid. >> most parents would still want to protect their children from this. >> of course they would. how can they? you can't follow your kid around. 14 or 15-year-old boy, they are going out. but i'm telling you, the predator count is going through the roof. ladies, as always, thanks very much. reality check on deck with one of the most offensive things we have ever seen and we have seen plenty. roseanne barr a viewer warning really going off the rails. right back with check. )%)%)%)%)%
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
billing bill reality check scrubbed of all spin. check one, median roseanne barr is a bit eccentric. lately she has been doing bizarre stuff. at her request she was photographed as hitler for a jewish humor magazine. apparently she is mocking the holocaust holding a tray of what she calls burnt jew cookies. we contacted ms. barr's publicist for explanation. he referred us to her web site
8:49 pm
where she said quote i was making fun of hitler, not his victims. that kind of stuff is not necessary and does not reflect well on ms. barr. check two, as you may know the st. petersburg times in florida is a far left paper which has an admitted left wing zealot as a television writer. the guy is eric deggans. he distorts the truth today. he told readers i called president obama a racist. well, that is blatantly false, not even close and he knows it so we called his publisher, marty petty and asked what she was going to do about that. ms. petty told us the paper will run a front page retraction tomorrow, that is already posted online. i appreciate that. but the problem, mr. dagen is acute. all newspapers have an responsibility to hire honest people not idealogues. i don't want anybody to lose their jobs but this situation beyond the pail.
8:50 pm
paul krugman wants the u.s. healthcare system to become like canada's and he is pushing that a. all day long. recent conference krugman was embarrassed. >> how many canadians would canadians in the room please raise your hands. [clapping] >> we have about seven hands going up. not as many as i thought. those of you have on the panel how many of you think you have a terrible healthcare system? one. >> almost all of the same hands going up. >> bad move on my part. bill: yes, it was. check four. colin powell rush limbaugh soap opera continues. as we pointed out last week general powell does not appear on fox news, preferring cnn. they almost always ask him about limbaugh. >> mr. limbaugh is entitled to his point of view. that's what makes this country great. is he free to criticize me all he wishes to. >> of course. >> because i can handle his
8:51 pm
criticism. the problem having with the party right now is when he says things that i consider to be completely outrageous and i respond to it i would like to see other members of the party do likewise. but they don't. >> do you think they are afraid to take him on? >> i know a number of instances where sitting members in congress or elsewhere in positions of responsibility of the party made like criticism of this -- of are you sure and within 24 hours they were backing away. >> why? >> because there is a strong base of support for mr. limbaugh. bill: check 5. as we predicted, the octomom naudia suleman has secured a reality program. the european company will feature her and her 14 children. filming is expected to begin on september 1st. no name for the show so far. last week a california judge said he would appoint a financial guardian for the kids who are reportedly being paid $250 a day each. this in response to lawsuit
8:52 pm
filed by child advocate paul peterson. it will be interesting to see if the program gets picked up in america. it should not. check 6. >> the far left group media matters is after lou dobbs. >> cnn's lou dobbs has been promoting the false right wing conspiracy that president obama hasn't produced a valid u.s. birth certificate. >> the president's birth certificate, birth certificate, birth certificate. >> cnn president jon cline says done's obsession was significant. >> birth certificate. birth certificate. long form birth certificate. >> time for the trusted maim in news to live up to slogan. let cnn know there is nothing legitimate about racially charged paranoia. bill: by the way factor is. media matters traffics in alleged racism. it's one of their favorite attack mechanisms. finally check 7, be careful who you hang out with.
8:53 pm
apparently singer mariah carey dated vial rapper elm eminem. the rapper is threatening ms. carrie these days saying quote i have enough dirt on to you murder you. isn't that nice? unquote. beyond awful. now we told but this eminem years ago. they don't come much worse. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight featuring kevin costner and teddy roosevelt. don't miss this one. . . welcome to the now network. right now
8:54 pm
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aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and halluciations may occur. don't take it with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and in rare cases may be fatal. side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day-ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. bill: time now for "pinheads and patriots." actor kevin costner is also a musician. his band was playing in canada when a big storm struck. the stage collapsed and one person was actually killed. costner actually rescued a bunch of people himself. so he's a patriot.
8:56 pm
and this weekend the washington mascots traveled to pittsburgh to race the pirogeys. just as teddy roosevelt started to pull ahead, oliver the onion pirogey turned and leveled the president. where was the secret service? there he is. poor teddy. obviously -- obviously oliver the pirogey is a pinhead. tonight, the mail the brand-new promotion on bill wiehl doesn't come with it, just the bag. please, all the proceedings -- proceeds i get go to charity.
8:57 pm
bill: words to live by, drew. i'm not saying you should carry culture warrior, bold fresh or my other books in your car. not saying that. but it can't hurt! unless you're in san francisco. bill: well, to them it is, sir. much of the u.k. press is flat-out socialistic, as you know. so of course they would see a moderate broadcast that champions capitalism as extreme right.
8:58 pm
the real problem is in ireland and president u. curvings you don't have any programming like the factor. it's all one way. drive on the left side of the road. they took it too far. bill: vainglorous meaning excessive pride in oneav achievements. great word. here on the factor we do fight the good fight and feel it necessary to tell you about the results of the battle and i'm sorry if that a -- offends you. i'll try not to be vainglorious. bill: things my change.
8:59 pm
bill: a very happy birthday to you, cora, and you have a very nice daughter in ruthd the bill: yes, sir. how about our web site?'reilly. that is prodigious as well. also how about e maiming us from anywhere in the world, name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. here is the word of the day. do not be petute -- petulant when writing to us. or vain glorious. that is it for us today. the factor continues 24/7 on hannity is next. see all you premium members on the factor postgame show.

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